What are Olive oil benefits for your face?

Olive oil is a mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine and is made from olives. Learn more about the benefits of putting olive oil on your face, as well as how to apply it effectively. Olive Oil is an effective Moisturiser for the face.The following are some of the potential skin advantages of olive oil:

1. Antioxidant properties

Some study suggests that using olive oil on the skin after exposure to the sun may help to battle cancer-causing cells. The oil was applied to the skin of mice who had been exposed to possibly damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the study. When mice had olive oil on their skin, tumor growth was considerably reduced compared to animals that did not. More research is needed in this area to fully comprehend the effects of olive oil’s antioxidant capabilities on human skin.

2. Nutritional value

The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are found in olive oil. People have utilized vitamin E oil topically to treat a range of skin disorders throughout history, including psoriasis and eczema.

3. Antimicrobial properties

Antibacterial activities have been discovered in olive oil. However, research on olive oil’s effectiveness to manage microorganisms on the skin is limited. The effects of olive oil and coconut oil on Staphylococcus aureus germs on the skin were investigated in a small study.Both oils have antibacterial capabilities, but virgin coconut oil was more effective at killing bacteria. Olive oil can be used to treat bacterial infections on occasion.

4. Hydrating properties

Olive oil is a common natural moisturizer for both skin and hair. However, little study has been done on its effectiveness. Many personal care products, such as face wash, body wash, soap, and lotions, contain olive oil.

Olive oil can also be used on the skin in the following ways:

  • After-sun Moisturizer

Some people apply olive oil directly to their skin as a moisturizer before blotting away the excess oil. Alternatively, to avoid a greasy feeling, apply the oil to damp skin.

  • Exfoliator

A scrub made from olive oil and sea salt can be used to exfoliate the face and body and cure areas of dry or scaly skin. Fine-grained salt should be used on the face and other delicate parts, while coarser grains should be used on the remainder of the body.

Olive oil is beneficial for the face and skin therefore you must use the oil in exfoliation and moisturizer.