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When you go to your doctor, we hope to have answers to our questions about our health, but also to find a listening ear. How to make the right choice.

  1. The 1stcontact

What hospitality did the doctor give us? Is there a good first impression? Does the GP really care about us and our health care path? So many questions that must be asked before making a choice, because they put the doctor-patient relationship at the center of this decision.

  1. Availability

If punctuality of the general practitioner is a strong point, it is not decisive in the choice of his doctor. Its availability, on the other hand, is a real criterion to be taken into consideration. We must therefore check that the latter takes the time to listen to us and listen to us rigorously at each appointment and if, in an emergency; it is in the capacity to receive us, or, at least, send us back to one of his colleagues as soon as possible.

  1. Professionalism

It is difficult to judge the professionalism of a doctor in a single appointment. But some criteria can be taken into account over time, namely its ability to listen, the proper monitoring of the patient’s exams, or the interest in the medical history of the latter. The general practitioner must be able to have an overview of the state of health but also the psychological state of the patient, beyond the simple clinical examination. All these elements will favor the installation of a relationship of trust, essential to the patient.

  1. Continuity of follow-up

In order for him to have this global vision, the general practitioner must ensure continuity in his follow-up by updating the patient’s medical file. For this, he must classify the reports of hospitalizations, X-rays or the results of the blood tests of the latter. For this continuity to be assured, opting for a group medical practice, that is to say in which several general practitioners practice, may be a good idea. Thus, in case of absence of the attending physician, his colleagues can take the relay while having access to the patient’s medical file. Explore the best with now.

  1. The price of the consultation

Before choosing your doctor, it is advisable to inquire about the price of the consultation to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Each will then be free to choose a general practitioner contracted sector 1, which applies the tariff set by Social Security, or 25 euros, or a general practitioner contracted sector 2, which can practice overruns.